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About StreamRiot

We custom built (an awesome) new way to watch all your favorite Twitch live streams!

StreamRiot is a dynamic and customizable multi-live stream video player that delivers a first-rate viewing experience to gamers across the globe.  Our high performance framework and web-based video platform allow you to watch up to 5 live streams concurrently.  

With robust social media and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) integration, StreamRiot connects people all around the world!  Come discover new gaming channels and access all your favorite live stream content from one place Join us free and import the channels you follow on

How It All Started 

StreamRiot emerged from a mash-up of crazy passion, the love of gaming, and the need to affect change.  

The idea started with a desire to watch multiple live streams simultaneously without having a lot of browsers or tabs open.  Our idea quickly evolved and in May 2013, the core functionalities were developed and beta was released to the world!  To strengthen our community’s experience, we introduced a vibrant new interface with smarter features, and one year later we delivered the ultimate multi-live stream video player.

We’re empowered by skill, inspired by gamers and driven to accelerate e-Sports.  

Made with <3 in the USA  

June Parent

Digtital dynamo of user enviroments. Master of system and product interfaces. Visual champion.

Gray Sadler

Development hero of multi-awesome applications. Software and engineering rockstar. Drupal overlord. 


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