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Getting Started with StreamRiot

Ready to learn the ropes? Here’s a few simple steps to help you become a power StreamRiot user.

Speak StreamRiot

Before you get started learning how to use our multi-stream player, these StreamRiot-specific terms will come in handy:

  • Live Stream: A live stream or streaming media is content (like a live-broadcast "feed”) sent in compressed form over the Internet and shown to people called viewers (like you and us), in real time.

  • Multi-Streams:Multi-streams are groups or collections of live streams. Our community can create, customize, share and watch multi-streams directly through the StreamRiot Player.

  • StreamRiot Player (our multi-stream player): To watch multi and live streams, you need a special program like a video player. The StreamRiot Player is a customizable multi-live stream video player and users can watch up to 5 live streams at the same time.

  • eSports: eSports (or electronic sports) is a term used to describe video game competitions and tournaments. Events are often played in front of real people and live streamed over the Internet too.

Create your free account to fully explore StreamRiot

You can register for a StreamRiot account with your email address or social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a confirmation email with some helpful tips on features available to registered users.

You can also link your social networks to your StreamRiot account later on if you choose. Read more about Linking Social Media .

Get Acquainted with our StreamRiot Player

A majority of your experience is delivered through our StreamRiot Player. We’ve provided a quick overview to help familiarize you below. To learn more about the specific features and layout options, visit Help Center section: Multi-Stream Player.

Our multi-stream player has three main sections, the player stage and two interactive panels on the left and right side of the player stage:

  • Player Stage: The Player Stage is located in the middle of the player. It displays the live streams you choose to watch. The stage can hold up to five concurrent streams (or less if you wish). You can adjust layout options from here too.

  • User Panels: The User Panels are located to the left of the Player Stage. They contain the features needed to create and customize your viewing experience like, which live streams are shown in the Player Stage.